Iqbal Manzil built by Sir Maharaja Mohd. Ali Mohd. Khan of Mahmoodabad in 1928. This was a palace for his Maharani Zakia Begum alias Huzur Rani Saheba of Mahmudabad also known as Choti Maharani Saheba of Mahmudabad. She was the daughter of Nawab Syed Mohd. Taqi Saheb and Maternal Grand Daughter of Nawab Hidayat Ullah Khan S/o Nawab Najm-ud-Daula Masha Allah Khan, the brother of famous Urdu Poet Insha Allah Khan "Insha".

The Palace was built in the Audh style of Architecture, situated in Wazeer near City Station, it is a place worth a visit if one wants to experience the old Lucknow life style.

The present owner Rajkumar Mohd. Amir Naqi Khan would like to offer his residence as a paying guest or a home stay for tourists. His residence is housed in the upper floor which opens into a courtyard which was once a tennis court.

The entrance to the living room is through a hallway lined with black and white pictures that capture some important historical events. An air of antiquity shrouds the living room.

The furniture and the artifacts show the colonial influence combined with a setting of a typical avadhi corner where one could lounge against the "masnad" cushions for an evening of avadhi music.


Entrance gate of the Iqbal Manzil Palace

Driveway of the Iqbal Manzil Palace
Courtyard of a Palace Hall
Courtyard of the Palace Hall
A view of Deewan Khana (The Drawing Room)
The Music Corner
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