Rajkumar Mohd. Amir naqi khan's profile

His grandfather was Hon'ble Maharaja Sir Mohd. Ali Mohd. Khan, K.C.S.I., K.C.I.E., etc, Mumtaz Jung of Mahmoodabad, also the first Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, who played a very important part in the educational, social and political life of the country, and helped in the struggle for independence at every stage.

His father, Maharaj Kumar Mohd. Mahmood Hasan Khan of Mahmudabad, also was a philanthropist and a congressman who contributed to the success of the Party in U.P. from the 1st Elections in 1952.

It was in such a family background that the Rajkumar was born and brought up. From early childhood he saw the Congress giants walking in and out of his home. On many occassions his home became the privileged venue where Pandit Nehru, Pandit G. B. Pant, Dr. Sampurnanand Hafiz, Mohammad Ibrahim and Rafi Ahmad Kidwai took decisions which became History. These congressmen became his idols and their thoughts became his philosophy.

Rajkumar as a baby

Rajkumar as a child

Rajkumar in his youth

The young Rajkumar

With such a backdrop, he was sent for his primary education to Loreto Convent Lucknow. Later on he joined Colvin Taluqdar College and finished his school education at La Martiniere College Lucknow. Higher studies were at Aligarh Muslim University - where began his long relationship with various branches in Culture like Music and Theatre. It was there that he decided to contribute his mite for the less privileged and then began his long journey of philanthropy.

He has been providing education to those for whom education is inaccessible. Through his long association with the Congress for which Party he has been working since 1962 at the grassroots, he has found thousands of such poor children.

His present pre-occupation and interests include-

1. He runs an educational institution at his Ancestral Palace.
2. He is working for the preservation of historical monuments of Lucknow.
3. He is devoted to preserve and promote the Vanishing Arts of Avadh.
4. He is also working towards Restoration of Rare Paintings.
5. Member Board of Trustees, Shia College, Lucknow, India.
6. Life member of Anjuman-e-Wazifa Saddat Momineen.
7. Member Kathak Acharya Lachchu Maharaj Janmotsav Ayojan Samiti.
8. Founder Director Lachchu Maharaj Ballet Centre U.P.

The family

The Rajkumar is married to Kunwar Rani Kulsum Begum, D/o Mirza Jawad Ali Beg and Grand daughter of Mirza Raza Yar Jung of Hyderabad. She is also niece of Late Yusuf Ali Khan Salar Jung IIIrd. He has three children, one son and two daughters.
1. Rajkumar Hussain Abbas Khan of Basaha
2. Rajkumari Maliha Khan, married to Nawabzada Ovais Khan
3. Rajkumari Sakina Khan

Hon'ble Maharaja Sir Mohd Ali Mohd Khan of Mahmoodabad, grandfather of Rajkumar Mohd. Amir Naqi Khan Maharaj Kumar Mohd. Mahmood Hasan Khan of Mahmoodabad, father of Rajkumar Mohd. Amir Naqi Khan Rajkumar Mohd. Amir Naqi Khan of Basaha Estate
Kunwar Rani Kulsum Begum, W/o Rajkumar Mohd. Amir Naqi Khan Rajkumari Maliha Khan, elder daughter of Rajkumar Mohd. Amir Naqi Khan Rajkumari Sakina Khan, younger daughter of Rajkumar Mohd. Amir Naqi Khan
  Kunwar Abbas Khan, son of Rajkumar Mohd. Amir Naqi Khan  
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